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Flamme Verte

The Engineering Test Institute is one of 13 recognized laboratories of the programme Flamme Verte. Within this programme, local heating devices burning wood and wood pellets are tested. The certification mark Flamme Verte presents a big advantage for producers wanting to introduce their products into the French market. 

If a product complies with technical criteria, it is labelled by a certification mark guaranteeing quality. This mark is awarded in three grades: 5*, 6* or 7*. If you wish to buy such a certified product, it is possible to later apply for a grant. Its amount depends on the grade of the awarded mark.

Customers interested in getting this certification mark apply directly to Flamme Verte and choose a registered laboratory that will conduct a test.

Products tested:

About Flamme Verte

The labelling programme Flamme Verte was launched in France in 2000 with the help of a French environment agency ADEME (French environment and energy management agency). The mission of FLAMME VERTE is to improve the quality of air and support the use of sustainable energy sources. It focuses particularly on wood as a fuel for heating devices that are effective and comply with technological norms and emission standards. Even though energy production has risen by 30% in the last 10 years, the concentration of carbon monoxide exhaust gases in the air has been lowered from 1% to 0.15%, partly thanks to the programmes like Flamme Verte.

SZÚ and Flamme Verte

The Engineering Test Institute has been part of Flamme Verte since 31st May 2017. Before joining other registered testing laboratories, our Institute had to undergo entrance tests. During regular interlaboratory comparisons, SZU reaffirms its expertise and the right to be part of the programme.

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