Comprehensive services in areas of testing, inspection, certification and training.

SZU‘s measures in connection with Covid-19

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the COVID-19 situation. We have taken a number of measures to help minimize the risk of infection. We do everything we can to ensure that these measures have the least impact on the operation of our business and on running orders. Our main goal in this situation is to protect the health of our employees and customers.

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About us

Our Engineering Test institute (SZU) is an internationally respected authority in the sector of testing, inspection and certification. We are a notified body of the European Community for assessment of conformity according to EU legislation. We are one of the trusted and recognized partners in the European and world markets, as evidenced by our active membership in the international association TIC Council. In addition to our expert qualifications, our main credential is our experience, comprehensiveness of the services we provide, and our flexibility. Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or exporter, we are ready to help you bring your products and services to the market. Likewise, we offer services to all who put into operation new technical equipment or already operate such equipment.

Knowledge and expertise are the prerequisites for competent entrepreneurship and we are proud that we are the ones, who are able to solve our customers' issues and who always give them the same answer: We know the way!

Vision of SZÚ

"Our vision is to be a leading European company in the field of testing, inspection and certification, that will be a strong and a stable partner to its customers and a sought-after employer."

Mission of SZÚ

"We are a trusted guide on your journey of growth and innovation, together we build a safe world."

Our expertise is supported by a number of accreditations and notifications