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SZU‘s measures in connection with Covid-19

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the COVID-19 situation. We have taken a number of measures to help minimize the risk of infection. We do everything we can to ensure that these measures have the least impact on the operation of our business and on running orders. Our main goal in this situation is to protect the health of our employees and customers.

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Hot water boilers for solid fuel

We conduct conformity assessment, certification, testing and informative examinations of boilers for solid fuels. The boilers may feature both hot water (80/60) and hot water condensing (50/30) heating system. We also offer consultancy as to the applicable requirements for design, documentation and related legislation regarding boilers.

Comprehensive (package) services

A manufacturer (customer) may apply for a fully comprehensive assessment and testing of the product concerned, consisting in applying all relevant regulations and standards, or a specific group of their choice. If requested, we can conduct the assessment and testing of selected properties of a product.

Product development

We also rent technical facilities (including qualified operators) for the development of a product or any of its parts.

Maximum boiler size

Our testing facilities in Brno allow for testing boilers with a max. capacity of 1 MW, but we can arrange for a boiler to be tested outside our premises using mobile measuring equipment regardless of its capacity.

Scope of tests and assessments (selected characteristics):

Common problems:

SZU’s professional qualifications:

Legislation (regulations):


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Stanislav Buchta

Stanislav Buchta

Head of Boilers for Solid Fuel
Department (domestic market)
+420 541 120 450
+420 724 368 668

Michal Havlů

Michal Havlů

Head of Boilers for Solid Fuel
Department (foreign markets)
+420 541 120 452
+420 606 023 661


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