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Compliance code

The main values we profess at the SZU are independence, trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. In order to strengthen the trust of our customers, we have decided to adopt and adhere to the Compliance code, which will enshrine the basic ethical principles that all members of TIC Coucil have undertaken to adhere to.

The basic ethical rules for fair professional and business conduct cover the following 7 areas:

We at SZU are committed to adhering to all the principles described in our Code of Ethics.

We would be very happy for all stakeholders to support our efforts and welcome any suggestions, questions, feedback or complaints regarding the Code of Ethics. For this purpose, a contact e-mail address was established, for which the employee designated for communication of the principles of the Compliance code, the so-called "Compliance Officer", is directly responsible.

You can contact us via e-mail:

All complaints submitted in the above-mentioned ways are subject to the principles of confidentiality and will be dealt with by the Compliance code Commission.





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