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We have entered into a new cooperation agreement with Korean hydrogen energy partner KOGAS-Tech.

On 27 September 2022, a meeting with representatives of the Korean company Korea Gas Technology Corporation (KOGAS-Tech), headed by Mr. Hee Seung Nae, Director of the Hydrogen Equipment Safety Testing Centre, took place at SZU.

Following the meeting, a cooperation agreement was concluded on safety testing for hydrogen energy products.

Our Korean partner SZU Korea was again at the birth of this new partnership between SZU and KoGas-Tech and negotiated the key points.

The agreement will be followed by further negotiations and face-to-face meetings to deepen the mutual relationship and expertise and to prepare the ground for supporting European and Korean companies, especially in the field of hydrogen technology, in accessing international markets.

KOGAS-Tech, a testing and certification company, is a subsidiary of KOGAS, which was founded in 1993 and has 14 branches and over 2200 employees in Korea. KOGAS-Tech, a global energy solutions provider, is a Korean testing center specializing in hydrogen energy and provides safety and durability testing services for industrial products and components using hydrogen as a medium throughout their entire life cycle.


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