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SZU received experts from the Korean governmental organization KGS


On 14 June 2016, a group of experts from the major Korean governmental organization KGS (Korean Gas Safety Corporation) visited the headquarters of SZU in Brno. In particular, this Korean delegation was represented by Mr. Jung-kyu Kim (Lead auditor), Mr. Dong-Woog Lee (Assistant auditor) and Mr. Min-Seok Kang (KGS Branch manager in Europe). As early as in 2014, a cooperation agreement in the form of MoU was concluded between SZU and KGS. This cooperation has been lasting up to this day, and the current visit was just another proof thereof. During their visit to the Czech Republic, the experts from KGS did not hesitate to make a journey to our headquarters in order to discuss businesslike topics with Mr. Tomas Hruska, our Director-General, and consult competent technical issues with Mr. Michal Manhalter, our expert on gas appliances. The whole organization was administered by Mr. Michal Dvoracek from Foreign Cooperation Dpt. of our Institute. After dealing with technical questions and implementing the visit of our Testing Lab, the Korean delegation left for Prague.



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