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MSV 2022 trade fair flashback

The International Engineering Fair 2022 is behind us. This year's edition brought an increase in the number of exhibitors compared to previous years and resonated with topics related to energy, alternative sources or the development of 5G networks. A summary of the fair from the perspective of the SZU is offered in this news article.

At this year's abbreviated fair, we again had the opportunity to present our services alongside 11 other state institutions. The stand was one of the main highlights of Hall P and was one of the busiest spots of the entire exhibition. In addition to a number of expert lectures and seminars, visitors were attracted by a cultural programme celebrating 100 years of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Mexico.

Interest in the exhibition was further increased by the presence of interesting exhibits. As already mentioned in the previous update, we also contributed by lending our FLIR thermal imaging camera from the Radiators Test Station. The camera generated interest and many visitors stopped by to view a temperature map of their body or perhaps a cup of coffee being served at the booth. A photo was exported from the camera for those interested. Without a doubt, however, the biggest attraction was a pair of flight simulators (a helicopter and a fighter jet) combined with mixed virtual reality goggles (the pilot sees both his hands and the simulator's dashboard, as well as the virtual environment in which the simulation takes place).

The conference on hydrogen and its future and applicability not only in industry was also very popular. The topic of hydrogen is also a hot topic for SZU in the context of the recent certification of hydrogen fuel cells.

Thanks to all the attractions mentioned above, a number of people interested in information stopped by the counter with the SZU logo and from this point of view our participation at this year's MSV can be evaluated as a success.

Repeated participation at the joint exhibition is also beginning to bear fruit in the sense that other institutions focusing on helping Czech producers and exporters are also aware of the name of the SZU and are able to refer their customers directly to us, which was confirmed in several cases this year.


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