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Meeting with successful foreign representatives of SZU

On 26 and 27 April 2023, SZU held a planned meeting with selected sales representatives (SZU Agents) who achieved the best economic results in the last monitored period.

We had the honor of having a total of 4 representatives of SZU come to our headquarters, who represent our company in the following countries: Poland, Germany, the Balkans and Turkey.

An integral part of this year's meeting, which could take place on a personal level after a longer period of time, was the practical dealings of our Agents with representatives of our labs, both from SZU in Brno and from SZU in Jablonec. Our representatives appreciated the well-organized meeting program, which was enriched by a visit to South Moravia and ended with a personal meeting with the Director-General of our Institute.

We feel thankful to the Top Management of SZU and also everyone who prepared this year's meeting with our representatives from abroad. At the same time, we thank Mirjana (SZU Balkan), Adam (SZU Poland), Marc (SZU Germany) and Koksal (SZU Turkey) for their overall contribution to the active development of SZU's foreign cooperation with neighboring countries.


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