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Measurement of acoustic parameters of products

We are an accredited testing laboratory that performs individual tests according to generally applicable international standards and methodologies, primarily to determine sound levels and/or sound power levels. For specific product groups, the relevant product standards are then used, where instrumentation, measuring points/surfaces are defined as well as installation conditions, test conditions settings, etc.

We use modern measuring instruments for all measurements:

Services offered

As an Authorized Body 202, we provide sub-services in the framework of verification of acoustic parameters of selected construction products (relevant) under Government Regulation No. 163/2002 Coll. Furthermore, as a Notified Body 1015, we provide measurement of acoustic parameters, documentation control and production audits as required by Directive 2000/14/EC, and Government Regulation No. 9/2002 Coll. We also offer services in the framework of verification of parameters under Machine Directive 2006/42/EC (No. 176/2008 Coll.).

Tested products

We measure the level of sound pressure and sound power mainly on the following products:

According to EU 2000/14/EC we ensure verification of compliance with the noise limit values primarily for the following products:

Additional services

We provide independent measurements of the noise parameters reported in the manufacturer’s promotional materials (e.g. mandatory product fiches) under the Ecodesign of energy-related products.  We are also able to provide manufacturers with development tests to optimize their product settings. We also use our acoustic camera to locate an undesirable source of noise (from 800 Hz above).





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Antonín Kolbábek, Ph.D.

Antonín Kolbábek, Ph.D.

Hydraulic and Pressure Equipment Manager
+420 541 120 459
+420 607 016 686


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