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Testing and certification of cast iron radiators at SZU

A short case study of the Tubotech cast iron radiator testing and certification contract.

Cast iron radiators are devices used for space heating in homes and industrial buildings. These radiators are made of cast iron, which is an alloy of iron and carbon, and have a high thermal conductivity, which means that they are able to transfer heat to the surrounding area very quickly and efficiently. This type of radiator is still widely used today and is particularly popular in historic buildings where their traditional appearance is required to preserve the historic character of the premises.

Before radiators can be sold to end customers, it is necessary to verify that the products meet the requirements of the relevant standards and are therefore safe for use. These tests are typically carried out by an independent accredited testing laboratory.

A Czech manufacturer, TUBOTECH spol. s r.o., decided to use the services of our testing laboratory. TUBOTECH's portfolio includes, among others: cast iron radiators, design and retro valves for radiators, valves with actuators, home transfer stations, thermohydraulic products and heating components, pressure safety valves and much more.

Progress of the contract:

The customer contacted us with a request for certification of cast iron sectional radiators. After communicating all the details of the order, the scope of testing was determined and samples were selected for testing. Once the test samples were delivered to the testing facility, the agreed tests could begin. The radiators were tested for the manufacturer's declared heat output, mechanical damage resistance, overpressure resistance, corrosion resistance and all other tests prescribed by the standard. Specifically, this is the standard ČSN EN 442, which this type of products falls under.

In the next steps, test reports, evaluation reports and a report on the assessment of the properties of the construction product are drawn up.

The manufacturer can then affix the CE mark to the product thus verified.

We also offer other marks to prove to your customers that your products are of high quality, safe and that they are regularly tested beyond the mandatory standards. For more information, visit our website or contact us directly here below.



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