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Corrosion Resistance Testing

Corrosion resistance tests are performed in our laboratory in Jablonec nad Nisou on modern LIEBISH and QLAB chambers. The QLAB cyclic chamber can alternate the environment (NSS, condensed water, air, shower) and can be set to different temperatures and humidity levels according to customer requirements. The LIEBISH chamber is designed for NSS testing.

QLAB chamber

Volume of the test space: 1 100 dm3. The temperature range for these tests is 20°C to 70°C, humidity up to 100%. Chamber dimensions (l x w x h) = (1400 x 900 x 400) mm.

Tests may be carried out according to the procedures listed below:

LIEBISH chamber

Corrosion resistance in the fog of neutral sodium chloride solution by the NSS method (neutral salt spray) according to EN ISO 9227 and evaluation according to customer requirements. Chamber dimensions (l x w x h) = (1500 x 750 x 450) mm.

What is being assessed:

What is the output:

Accredited testing laboratory report with photo documentation and evaluation.

Why test:

Corrosion adversely affects the performance of products or equipment. Testing in corrosion chambers allows you to compare a test sample and a reference sample, or test samples, with each other and detect potential problems in manufacturing or coating.

Corrosion testing has a wide range of applications in the engineering, automotive, aerospace, construction etc. industries as it can assist in the selection of materials, components and surface treatments to ensure optimum service life.




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